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Pitch Your Product or Service to Newspaper & Magazine Editors, Journalists and TV Producers!

Online Reputation Management For U

online reputation management

Why you should attend this:

Imagine you are pitching for some new business from a potential client, or applying for a new job, don’t you think that you or your company would be searched online prior to that meeting or that interview? Most people Google before they meet anyone for the first time. And what they get online about that person is usually their first impression of that person, and we all know how important the first impression is. Nowadays first impressions are created and checked online.  


So how can we make an impact on the “Lord Google” so that we can show ourselves in the best possible light online?

This seminar is all about understanding the rules of the game and learning how to win this. Rules of the game has changed but most companies and individuals are still hung up with a static website and happy to see it SEOed to the first page in Google. Reputation Management ensures many things including the following:  

  • You(or your company) have all the positive footprints on the internet
  • You(or your company) are an expert in your industry
  • You(or your company) are dynamic, responsive, caring and professional in your all dealings


Learning Outcome:

In a scenario where there are more sellers than the buyer and there are more candidates than the available jobs, after attending this seminar, you will know how to get thru the first gate without a competition. You will get more appointments fixed, more call letters for a job and more opportunities, since you will always manage to create a positive and strong first impression thru your online presence. Some of the outcomes are:


  • How to control Google search results when your name or your company is searched online
  • How to push the positive links to the top and bring the negatives(if any) down
  • How to build great reputation even if you have started your business today or graduated today
  • How to present your work in such as way that you get an image of an expert in your industry.


Who should attend?

Everyone who needs at least an acceptable reputation, this includes but not limited to

  • Companies and brands in almost all industries
  • Senior executives who want to improve their market value in the job market
  • Fresh graduates getting into the job market
  • Professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Artists, Teachers, Trainers, Coaches etc.
  • Those who have some negative post against them on the internet
  • Those who can’t find themselves in Google
  • Service industry specifically dealing with Travel, Real Estate, Finance, Education etc
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