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CEOs have to keep several balls in the air; they mostly get carried away by operations, delivery commitments and other related activities, and as a result, the focus of profit maximization and consistently creating value for investors are sometimes compromised.

It is the job of the CFO to wake up every morning and do whatever it takes to address the interests of the investors. CFO has to ensure that the financial resources are optimally utilized at all times. The performance metrics and financial ratios are up to the industry benchmark or consistently improving. These activities are vital for the growth of a company.

Today, CFOs are providing not only financial planning and analysis, but also information about where the business is going and how quickly it is getting there. They are deeply involved in developing, supporting and enabling strategy and they work side-by-side with the CEO. Involvement in corporate strategy has become an integral part of the job.

Result oriented CFOs are always high in demand and needless to say that they are beyond the reach of relatively smaller organization. In terms of financial activities in smaller organizations one could see only accounting and annual auditing. But these activities have nothing to do with business growth. These are mostly reactive activities for compliance. CFO's job is to be proactive and forward looking.

"Share a CFO"

Just because smaller organizations can't afford full time CFOs doesn't mean that they need their services any less than the larger organizations. Smaller companies need them as badly as their big brothers. Understanding the real and practical problems faced by such businesses, Brainchild Business Solutions has introduced shared CFO services. Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) typically require high-end CFO services to manage their growing business. However, limited resources compel these companies to settle for lesser skilled individuals doing the job for them. Our Shared CFO service bridges this gap.

As shared CFO, Brainchild provides Strategic and Directional support, Relationship Management with Investors & Lenders, Funding, enabling and executing the strategy set by the CEO, Complete Financial Management and Advisory Services for value creation for all the stakeholders.

Using the expertise of a CFO doesn't have to reduce your bottom line. That's where the share of the CFO comes in. 50 years of combined experience in corporate financial management, The Brainchild CFO is prepared to help you meet your needs for senior-level finance professionals with Part-Time CFOs.

Multiple options to choose from

Our depth and breadth of experience offers clients CFO engagements on a part-time, permanant part-time, interim, temporary or project basis, depending upon your specific requirements.

Part-Time arrangements

are for a specific number of hours each week. In our experience, CFOs working on a permanent part-time basis devote 4 or more hours a week to the client company. For Part-Time assignments of 4 or more hours per week, we follow structured method which includes:
  • Discovery to determine finance-related areas of concern to the client
  • Deep Dive to understand the client's business, comprehend and resolve finance-related issues and implement the necessary changes to help the company grow
  • Design and implement an effective strategy
  • Deliver maximum return from financial assets to promote profitable growth

Our Interim CFO services

consist of filling in for a period of 1 to 6 months while the permanent CFO takes a leave of absence, or the client is conducting a search to fill the position. Time required for Temporary and Project consulting assignments vary based on the client's particular situation.

Training & Mentoring services

consist of working with members of a company's financial management team to ensure it is operating at peak performance. Training & Mentoring is particularly useful to family-owned companies.

Project-based services

performed over time periods of varying lengths include:
  • Developing & Implementing Finance Strategies
  • Improving Cash Flow
  • Establishing Banking Relationships
  • Obtaining Lines of Credit and Term Loans
  • Capital Investment Analysis
  • Acquiring Real Estate
  • Due Diligence for Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Systems Selection & Implementation
  • Staff Training
  • Budget Development
  • International Finance, Vendor Identification & Negotiations
  • Analysis of Sales, Product Costing, Gross Margins & Profitability
If you need experienced finance professionals to be an integral part of your team, look no further.

Support Services & Assistance

Brainchild Corporate Services provides professional services to companies who need experienced financial professionals and provides services in following areas:

Preparation of Financial Results and Analysis :

Most of the small to mid-sized companies are not giving the required importance to prepare reliable financial statements for projection and getting funds for their venture. Unattractive and unauthenticated financial statements create negative atmosphere for investors. Business decisions should be made only on the basis of good, accurate, and complete information. The financial statements must look professional following accepted accounting principles, and highlight the company's key ratios. A CFO can improve your company's external image and assist you with obtaining funds from banks and investors.

Preparation of Bank Loan Documentation :

We assist SMEs in preparing project reports, business plans, company profiles and financial data as well as complete all the necessary documentation required to raise loans. We will present your financial statements professionally, follow accepted accounting principles, and highlight the company's key ratios to improve the company's chances of successfully getting loans from banks.

Strategic Business Advisory :

Our business strategy consultants support SMEs in the translation of innovative and core competencies into real business value by formulating strategies, managing change, and realizing benefits. Working collaboratively with clients, we provide solutions to the business needs that SMEs are confronted with, such as growing revenues, mergers and acquisitions, streamlining costs and linking strategy to execution.

Cash flow and Budgeting Analysis :

SMEs commonly face problems in managing their cash flows properly. A business can be profitable and yet still run into trouble due to cash flow issues. Our CFOs can forecast and evaluate your company's financial condition, estimate financing requirements and track cash flow sources and uses to maintain a healthy cash flow.

Raising Private Equity and Venture Capital :

Our CFOs can help you raise private equity & venture capital for your business. We will collect, collate, analyze, and disseminate information about various investment opportunities, incentives & schemes. We also assist in preparing and evaluating investment proposals and coordinating with fund managers.

Preparation for Joint Ventures and International Collaborations :

Business Joint Ventures are more likely to be beneficial if Joint Venture Entry Strategies are carefully formulated. Negotiating Joint Ventures properly is very important for a win-win Joint Venture. Proper drafting of Joint Venture Agreements are very important for the success of any joint venture. We can assist SMEs in setting up your Joint Venture from entry strategies, to negotiations to drafting agreements and compliance programs.

Business Performance Management Solutions (BPM) :

Business performance management consists of a set of management and analytic processes, supported by technology, that enable businesses to define strategic goals and then measure and manage performance against those goals. Core BPM processes include financial and operational planning, consolidation and reporting, business modeling, analysis and monitoring of key performance indicators linked to strategy.

Accounting Services as per IFRS :

The increasing acceptance of IFRS, both in the United States and around the world, means that now is the time to become knowledgeable about these changes. IFRS for SMEs is a self-contained global accounting and financial reporting standard designed to meet the financial statement needs of small and medium sized entities. Our CFOs will help SMEs in understanding and implementing IFRS for SMEs

Financial and Statutory Due Diligence :

All businesses involved in an acquisition, as buyers or sellers, need to ensure that the financial information they hold is as accurate as possible, not only to prevent paying too much (or in a seller's case receiving too little) but also to ensure that their governance and risk management objectives are met. We will conduct the due diligence on your behalf to ensure that you make the best decisions.

Preparing SMEs for listing on SME Exchange :

SMEs seeking to raise capital from the public capital markets for the first time benefit greatly from hiring an experienced financial advisor to act as their guide during this complex process. Our senior bankers have collectively led numerous equity IPOs across a wide range of industries as both advisors and as principals. Our consultants maintain high-level relationships with many of the top investment banks, brokers and exchanges.

Mergers and Acquisitions :

We can help SMEs in buying and selling businesses whether small, medium or large. We can assist them in all areas of business acquisition, including planning an acquisition strategy, business valuation, and strategies for finding the ideal acquisition candidate. Synergistic acquisition is not limited to buying direct competitors. We will also detail how small and mid-sized companies can efficiently grow by buying related or complimentary companies.

Turnarounds and Debt Reduction :

We assist under performing or struggling organizations in a financial and operational capacity. We work directly with management to quickly stabilize performance by developing and implementing a strategic plan that addresses the immediate challenges an organization is facing. Our CFOs then assist clients in developing a long-term comprehensive plan that is built on their organization's unique strengths.

Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the idea of employing a part-time CFO gaining widespread acceptance?
In today's hyper-competitive business climate, many companies realize they need a CFO's expertise but can't afford to pay one full-time. Using The Brainchild Corporate Services, a company can get the benefit of an experienced CFO while paying only for the hours that the CFO is working.
"The Rent-To-Own CFO Program - Inc. Magazine"

What value does a permanent part-time, interim, temporary or project CFO bring to a company beyond the work that he or she does?
On many occasions, senior-level finance professionals bring their established networks of bankers, lawyers, IT experts, accountants, risk managers and others to meet the strategic and tactical needs of a growing business at a fraction of what it would cost to employ individuals with those levels of talent and experience.
"Seven Reasons Interim Executives are Great for Business - External Resources, Inc."

Are there other advantages to using a CFO on a permanent part-time, interim, temporary or project basis?

Yes. There are many "hidden costs" to hiring full-time employees, and salary is only one part of the cost of employing a full time senior-level executive. In fact, the total cost of employing a senior executive is often as much as seven times more than his or her annual salary.
"Top 8 Reasons Why Leadership On-Demand Makes Economic Sense Today - Cerius Executive Management Solutions"

What other advantages do alternative employment arrangements give to business owners?

Besides the savings on salary and benefits, the advantages of hiring a CFO on a part-time, interim, temporary or project basis can: Reduce the risk of hiring the "wrong" person Enable a business owner to pay only for days or hours of productive work Receive senior-level expertise at a fraction of what it would cost to employ an experienced CFO full-time Receive better value than contracting with a consultant who offers recommendations but must be paid additional fees to implement them

How else can a CFO hired on a less-than-full time basis be helpful to a company?

By getting a fresh set of eyes on the financials, or an extra pair of hands on-deck, a business owner can benefit from insights and expertise that the full-time staff may not have. An owner can also have peace-of-mind that key finance-related matters will be taken care of during busy periods rather than neglected until there's "downtime."

How much more effective are executives who work part-time compared to those who are employed permanently?

According to Corporate Insights, a New York-based executive management development consulting firm, "Interim executives achieve goals 20 times faster than permanent senior managers." We believe that finding is valid because when assignments and hours worked are of a pre-determined limited duration, people tend to perform most efficiently to ensure that tasks are completed in the time allotted. Furthermore, economic hardships that the recession forced upon many businesses have taught owners they can run their companies successfully by using a CFO's services on a part-time, interim, temporary or project basis.

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