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Business Expansion

We can help you assess the strategic fit of a business by evaluating potential synergies, project-managing the steps, assisting in negotiations and financial models, and in measuring transaction implications. We work with you to achieve your strategic objectives across:

  • Brainchild Corporate Services1. Acquisitions

  • Brainchild Corporate Services2. Disposals

  • Brainchild Corporate Services3. Management buy-outs

  • Brainchild Corporate Services4. Buy-ins, fundraisings

  • Brainchild Corporate Services5. Initial Public Offerings

  • Brainchild Corporate Services6. Takeovers

  • Brainchild Corporate Services7. Mergers.

  • Brainchild Corporate Services8. Strategic reviews

In addition to the registering of their trademark in India, foreign businesses need to adopt other strategies for protecting their trademarks in India.

Brainchild Corporate ServicesEach Business is Unique

We understand that each business has its own special and unique requirements. Our job is to help you to get the right package so you can start to operate legally in India, US or Middle East. With our experienced and friendly team, we provide high quality personalized services to each individual client. We take pride in building long term customer relationships by ensuring that you receiving the highest quality service. Our fees are transparent and competitive with no hidden fees involved. Our clients are from all over the world, ranges from individuals to small and medium enterprises and with near to hundreds of virtual office clients. Call us today for a no obligation discussion on your requirement.

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